Who are we?

For nearly two decades, Inter Group has been offering ship repair services and overhauls of ship sections in all ports of the world. As a company that undertakes the assumptions of safety standards in accordance with the requirements of classification societies, we carry out orders for the delivery and installation of marine equipment, works related to comprehensive repairs of hulls, repairs of engine rooms and repairs and maintenance of systems that determine the quality and safety of navigation and sea transport.

We have excellent logistics and storage facilities, thanks to which we are able to deliver and assemble technical and operational components necessary for repair and maintenance works for the needs of vessels in ports and shipyards.

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What makes us stand out?

The range of services provided is constantly expanding, we stay up to date with both the amendments to regulations and the technological progress typical of the maritime industry. Our company stand can be found at prestigious maritime fairs in Poland and Europe, our specialists have approvals and certificates to perform all work related to servicing marine units

Let's enjoy the reputation of a professional company involved in the projects carried out among shipowners, shipyards, manufacturers of marine equipment (including engines) and companies dealing with shipbuilding and repair. One of the secrets of our success is many years of experience in technical supply, repair and maintenance works, as well as inspections.

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Professionals in the industry

In the event of minor accidents at sea, minor repairs and maintenance work are carried out by qualified ship crews. However, in the case of major renovations, replacement of equipment, major repairs or work related to certification, the intervention of professionals is necessary - experts in damage identification and diagnostics, and of course in maritime law and safety standards.

Why? Repair decisions are not always uncontested, although safety is the first priority, and diagnostics almost always involve costs. Thanks to our many years of experience, shipowners avoid straining their budget by including unnecessary projects in repair and maintenance works. Additional cost reduction is the ability to choose the right technologies. Importantly - all works are carried out and reported in accordance with the requirements of Classification Societies.

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Safety guarantee

The safety of maritime transport is closely related to the supervision of classification societies and the related requirements. Classification Societies are specialized organizations with a global reach - the most famous are, among others, Det Norske Veritas or Lloyd's Register of Shipping.

The activity of the societies is primarily the field of appraisal, i.e. the classification of vessels according to classes and categories. Authorized representatives of the societies - experts, inspectors and engineers - operate in all ports of the world.

Supervision of the classification society begins during the creation of a given unit and includes the approval of documentation and major surveys, i.e. a comprehensive revision of the ship's structure and its equipment. For existing ships, the surveillance requires statutory and classification surveys. It is at this point that the need to cooperate with a company such as Inter Group arises.

Prace elektryczne

Where to start?

It begins with the supervision of the correct operation of individual ship installations and the monitoring of their cooperation. A lot of attention is paid to the correct arrangement and fastening of loads, which is closely related to the balancing of the vessel on the waves - an important role is played by meticulous checking of the stability of the fastenings for the presence of rust and susceptibility to wobble.

Subsequently, the efficiency of the hydraulic systems will be monitored, repaired and maintained, where it must be taken into account that they support not only the water supply, but also the control of devices such as winches and elevators. In addition to checking the tightness of the installation with the use of specialized equipment, our engineers also carry out pressure tests.

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Electrics and mechanics

A separate field is electrical work, i.e. checking individual modules operating on the ship with the use of advanced measuring devices, allowing to find or exclude failures affecting the operation of alarm systems, lighting or auxiliary devices. Similarly, alarm systems, turbochargers, air conditioning and refrigeration systems are checked.

We also deal with the heart of the ship, which is the engine room, where the unit's engine and control systems work. All gears, pistons, gears and cylinders require proper care and inspection. In addition to fitting parts, compression and lubrication, you may find that your engine needs replacing components.