prace spawalnicze


Knowledge alone and technologically advanced equipment do not guarantee success, the high level of services provided can only be ensured by extensive experience in repair and repair works of vessels. Inter Group, as a specialist company operating for nearly twenty years, has the necessary practice gained in ports around the world, as well as in emergency situations on the high seas.

Thanks to this, comprehensive activities related to the efficiency of ship power plants and engine rooms have no secrets or surprises for us. We repair and inspect both main and auxiliary engines with equal efficiency, we also enjoy the reputation of irreplaceable specialists in the field of inspection and repair of hulls, removal of overload damage, modernization of installations and systems, as well as fitness tests of most marine equipment.


Prefabrykacja części

Guarantee of quality

Since we are an extremely efficient logistics company (our specialists reach serviced units all over the world), we also carry out procurement orders in the field of spare parts, equipment and provisions.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired over the years in the field of technologies used in the maritime industry, we offer solutions tailored to specific budget limits and the need to minimize costs. Thanks to technological proficiency, we guarantee the durability of repairs and modernizations, as well as reporting in accordance with the requirements of classification societies.